Using Essential Oils To My Advantage

I am one of those people who is always looking for wants to destress. I have a job that requires me to be on-call most of the time, so it can get pretty stressful. When I have the chance to hang around at home without having to rush off, I take the time to burn some essential oils. Each one has its own benefit, so not only does my home smell great, but I have the chance to relax better than I do any other part of the week. I am trying to learn about more of them since the benefits are so tremendous.

I learned about the ones I use at the current time from a friend. I was stressed out over some financial problems I was dealing with and he suggested I burn a little lavender oil in order to put my mind at ease. This sounded a little odd to me at the time, but I did it since I really did not have anything to lose. Now I keep feeling like I want to try different oils even though I am not aware of what each one is supposed to do (but still glad I learned about lavender essential oil).