Top 4 Stable Investments Today

The greatest reward from investing is financial security. Knowing that you and your family will have enough money to live comfortably is just one of the major goals that we all want in life. Here are 3 investments worth checking out!

  • Private Lending

The economic meltdown of 2008 has made it difficult for the average people to qualify for a home loan. As a result, it has created a market for private lenders to provide the necessary funding to borrowers who failed to qualify for a loan from traditional lenders such as banks. Private lending features higher rate of returns than certificate of deposit or other guaranteed instruments with lower risk if precautions are implemented by the lenders.

  • Utility Stocks

The modern world cannot survive or fully function without clean sources of water and energy. This means that investing in utility stocks can mean a steady stream of income for investors. For decades, utility stocks have successfully paid regular dividends to shareholders. Prices for utility stocks have been consistently stable for decades, and this trend is unlikely to end soon.

  • Preferred Stocks

Preferred stocks is pretty similar to utility stocks in the sense that they also pay consistently high dividends and remain stable in price. It boasts higher level of safety for investors as they precede common stocks in reimbursement if the company goes bankrupt. As the name implies, shareholders of preferred stock get their money before common stockholders in the time of insolvency.

  • Corporate Bonds

Corporate bonds are considered a secure type of investment despite the fact that it is not guaranteed by the US government. Of course, the safety will still depend on the financial stability of the issuer. By rule, any investment-grade bond carries a safe bet for investors.

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