Medical Advice Misses On Nutrition Quite Often

While it’s always a good idea to listen to a doctor when there is a medical emergency of any kind, it is startling just how often current or conventional medical knowledge turns out to be wrong – but in no place does this seem to be more common than when dealing with food and nutrition. Read on to see some examples of medical advice that turned out to be wrong, sometimes enormously so.

Eggs Are Good For You

Eggs were seen as a long time as being bad for you, or the whites were good and the yolks were bad, but full tests are actually showing that eggs are some of the best proteins out there. In addition to this, eggs raise good cholesterol in the body and in multiple tests the subjects who ate eggs daily for breakfast in a few years weighed 6-8 lbs less on average and had slightly lower cholesterol.

That’s whole eggs: turns out they’re extremely good for you.

Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat

While there is a huge difference between saturated fat (which is still unhealthy for a variety of reasons) and unsaturated fats, it is really important to know that the old “fatty foods mean you get fat” isn’t necessarily true. Omega-3 fatty acids are actually very healthy for you while a lot of lean fat and high protein foods can be extremely good for you.

A high carb diet on the other hand makes it easy to pack on the pounds, even if it is generally healthy foods like rice and grain bread.

In Conclusion

While medical research might not always be right on top of things, especially when it comes to food and nutrition news, normally it is pretty solid – but always challenge conventional wisdom when it comes without a test.