Using Essential Oils To My Advantage (4)

I am one of those people who is always looking for wants to destress. I have a job that requires me to be on-call most of the time, so it can get pretty stressful. When I have the chance to hang around at home without having to rush off, I take the time to burn some essential oils. Each one has its own benefit, so not only does my home smell great, but I have the chance to relax better than I do any other part of the week. I am trying to learn about more of them since the benefits are so tremendous.

I learned about the ones I use at the current time from a friend. I was stressed out over some financial problems I was dealing with and he suggested I burn a little lavender oil in order to put my mind at ease. This sounded a little odd to me at the time, but I did it since I really did not have anything to lose. Now I keep feeling like I want to try different oils even though I am not aware of what each one is supposed to do (but still glad I learned about lavender essential oil).

Simple act that can help motorists prevent accidents and costly repairs (22)

Most people don’t think twice about car safety. They just jump in the car, turn the key and take off. This can be very dangerous. Everyone should have a basic knowledge of car safety and the ability to perform a basic safety inspection before setting out. This brief, simple act can help motorists prevent accidents and costly repairs. In this article, we will review the basic steps for performing a pre-trip safety vehicle safety inspection. Read on to learn more and check out

Before setting out in your car, you should turn on the ignition, lights and flashers and walk around the vehicle to make sure all the lights are working.

You can test the brake lights with the help of a friend or by parking with the rear of your car facing a wall or large glass window. Then you can see whether your brake lights reflect in the window or light up the wall behind you.

When you walk around your car, look at your tires. Check for uneven wear, and look to be sure they are properly inflated. If you have an air compressor (a very good idea) air up low tires before setting out. If not, get to a gas station first thing to air them up. Have worn tires replaced as soon as possible.

When you turn on your ignition, turn off your radio so that you can listen to your engine as you walk around the vehicle. Listen for strange or unusual sounds. Don’t ignore any odd noises you may hear. Have your vehicle checked out by a mechanic if you hear rattling, clanking or anything else out of the ordinary.

Once you’ve completed your exterior vehicle inspection, get in the car and check to be sure all your dash lights are working properly. Pay attention to your dash lights. If they are telling you your oil needs to be checked, check your oil. If your “check- engine” light is on, get your car to a mechanic to find out what is wrong.

Test your windshield wipers and washers to be sure they are working properly.

Adjust your mirrors so that you can see behind you and to the sides as you should.

Once you have completed this cursory inspection, you are good to go. Remember to check your oil and fluids each time you get gas. Carry extra oil and fluids in your trunk so that you will always be prepared to top them off as needed. By following these simple tips, you can enjoy a safe trip every time.

Medical Advice Misses On Nutrition Quite Often

While it’s always a good idea to listen to a doctor when there is a medical emergency of any kind, it is startling just how often current or conventional medical knowledge turns out to be wrong – but in no place does this seem to be more common than when dealing with food and nutrition. Read on to see some examples of medical advice that turned out to be wrong, sometimes enormously so.

Eggs Are Good For You

Eggs were seen as a long time as being bad for you, or the whites were good and the yolks were bad, but full tests are actually showing that eggs are some of the best proteins out there. In addition to this, eggs raise good cholesterol in the body and in multiple tests the subjects who ate eggs daily for breakfast in a few years weighed 6-8 lbs less on average and had slightly lower cholesterol.

That’s whole eggs: turns out they’re extremely good for you.

Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat

While there is a huge difference between saturated fat (which is still unhealthy for a variety of reasons) and unsaturated fats, it is really important to know that the old “fatty foods mean you get fat” isn’t necessarily true. Omega-3 fatty acids are actually very healthy for you while a lot of lean fat and high protein foods can be extremely good for you.

A high carb diet on the other hand makes it easy to pack on the pounds, even if it is generally healthy foods like rice and grain bread.

In Conclusion

While medical research might not always be right on top of things, especially when it comes to food and nutrition news, normally it is pretty solid – but always challenge conventional wisdom when it comes without a test.